Real-time Rendered Scene in Unreal 4



I made this scene as my personal project. From this project I learned so much about landscape tools to sculpture terrain, painting tool to quickly edit vegetation system,  making materials, lighting, rendering real-time light and baking still light and so on.


I started from scene design by making simple blocks in Maya. I found so much fun to make my own level design. I could hide the road behind the waterfall as well as put a Buddha statue among mountains ( I got this idea from Longmen Grottoes and my favorite comic Naruto: )Then I sculptured different kinds of rocks in Maya (large, medium, small...) and baked normal maps in Substance Painter.  In this way, I only have low-face models which are so renderable!


Also, I used Speedtree to design different kinds of plants. I must recommend this powerful software which is so convenient and efficient to generate beautiful plants. Also, the settings of LOD (Level of Detail) can help a lot with making cheap models.  

Then I made different materials in Unreal 4. I would like to mention slope material which is so interesting to auto put grass and moss on the surfaces of rocks.

Using Cinematics, I made a short film for my scene. 



Slop Material

Level of Detial Calculations