Sports on Air

​Never miss any live sports games.


Sports on Air, a mobile app designed in the class of Audio-visual Language at Fudan University was a group project by 4 people.

We found some sports fans were not able to watch live games due to work, school or other obligations even though they were very concerned about the game progress. For instance, I like to watch soccer games, but I missed a very important live game today because I had to work in my office.

We want to solve one problem through Sports on Air to provide fans with the latest game report.

Can Chinese team win the game?

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Target customers:

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Focus Group Interview :

We interviewed 3 students from Fudan University who were all sports fans.

•What is the key information about the game progress you want to know when you at work?

Three students all mentioned the lasted facts and figures of the game including score, yellow and red card, result… They said they did not need the photos or videos of the game which would cost them a lot of time and energy when they were at work.



Conclusion: People need the shortest information about games in simple forms like text when they are busy.


•What is your favorite sports news app and why?

They mentioned Sina Sports, HUPU, A8 Sports Live, QQ sports. The reasons included others’ recommend, powerful functions, many live matches, rich information and news about sports.

We analyzed the apps:

Sina Sports. More than 20 kinds of live games including UEFA Champions League, Asian Football Confederation Champions League, FA Premier League…Rich data and sports news. Users can choose their home teams. Users can subscribe to special column. Replay platform.

HUPU. Many kinds of live games including NBA, CBA, Chinese Football Association Super League… Rich data and sports news. Professional sports community. Replay platform.

A8 Sports. Many kinds of live games including NBA, CBA, Chinese Football Association Super League… Rich data and sports news. HD live games. Make  collections of choice specimens of games. Replay platform.

QQ sports. Users have chance to speak to sports’ stars in the community on app. A lot of sports activities like lottery, off-line activities.

Conclusion:The sports news apps people like have powerful comprehensive functions such as rich resource of live games, rich data and news of sports, replay platform, sports communities, etc.


The functions of current sports news apps are highly similar and they are not consider the users‘ scene who are not able to watch games but also really concerned about game progress.


Made full use of the cellphone reminder function to broadcast game progress and let users to receive game report within the shortest time.

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Interactive Design


Paper Prototyping

We interviewed 5 students and all are sports fans at Fudan University. We showed them paper models of what we would like it to happen throughout their interaction with the product. Based on their comments, we optimized our design .

Can I add the game schedule? I may miss a live game if I’m busy.

This function is cool, I can look at the game progress in class.

Final Product

Log in

Choose the sports games you are interested in

After the users have logged in, they are able to choose the game of their interest and add it to their timetable.

Users cloud check their schedules and  plan their games.

They would also know the results of games  instantly and the time and important information of upcoming games .  

Before the game starts, Sports on Air would remind them of the  games.


Click to watch live games 

Info about upcoming games

Results and figures

If users did not have time to watch a live game, they could set up a reminder, and Sports on Air would send important game information to them.


When they were not able to watch live games due to work, school or other obligations, they would receive information on the popup-menu or the homepage.