Thoughts - Pipeline of Ziva Modeling, Muscle Structure, Workable Mesh Flows

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Goals of This Week:

- Sculpt character, build the human skeleton and muscle structure in ZBrush.

- Study on workable mesh flows for animation


This week, I was studying human anatomy and keeping practicing figure drawing to study body and muscle structures. Also, I used ZBrush to create a whole-body muscle structure which helps me a lot to figure out what the human body looks like from inside. In addition, I sculpted the character in ZBrush. In the end, I studied different to make standard character mesh flows as well as workable mesh flows for skeleton and muscle structure.

Take away:

Though by building inside muscle structure can simulate muscle motion animation, for the outside model we still need to sculpt a clear muscle volume if we want to highlight muscle features of the character. So the general pipeline is to build skin at first, then build skeleton and muscle to put inside the skin, then return to adjust the outside skin mode.

For the muscle structure part, there is no need to build every muscle. I analyzed the official mode shared by Ziva VFX website, it only builds the main and out layer muscles which will have a better animation output.

The mesh flows for muscles, as far as what I have learned, needs to be low-face shapes and the flows are supposed to be arranged following the organic muscle flows. Very similar to the mesh flow of face.

What I did already:

I used the skeleton in ZBrush tool bag and rebuilt the spines' shape in Maya and remeshed the skeleton from triangle faces to quads which can do animation later.

I scupted muscles in ZBrush. I took the offical mode from Ziva VFX website as an reference and simplified some parts. Then I remeshed them by using quads and improved the mesh flows.

Character references: fitness instructor

References from Pintrest

I sculpted the skin in ZBrush at first which can guide me to do the inside structure. Then after I have done the skeleton and muscles, I put them together and sculpted the outside shape again. I think this is an efficient way because if you start from inside, it is hard to control the outside shape.