Summary: Workflow from Marvelous Designer 8 to Maya, Retopology the Costume Meshes

For this week I have done the costume design and modeling parts by using Marvelous Designer 8, Zbrush, and Maya. About this article, I want to sum up the workflow about Marvelous Designer 8, Zbrush, and Maya in order to talk about a quick way of making costume models for animation.

At first, I used Marvelous Designer 8 for costume design and modeling. I exported both 3d costume models and 2d patterns.

Then I used Zremesher in ZBrush to quick retopology the 2d patterns which was very convenient. After that, I exported the remeshed 2d patterns and imported them in Maya.

meshes from ZBrush

As you can see, although I remeshed the patterns, they still need to be refined manually. But at this moment, what I need to do is only to adjust the mesh flows by using a. copy b. quad draw tools (It is an efficient way). There is no need to start retopology from zero. After finishing this part, transfer attributes according to the same world attribute then I can get a UV map from original patterns meshes. Then use these new meshes and transfer attributes again according to the same UV attributes with 3d costume meshes, I can replace the old meshes from Marvelous Designer 8.

manually refined meshes

I keep two versions of costume - one is for animation simulation later with no thickness; the other I take it as costume models which I extrude and add edge loops.

To sum up, the workflow from Marvelous to Maya for the purpose of retopology meshes for animation use is to use Marvelous Designer 8 as costume design and rough 3d modeling tool, then use ZBrush to remesh the 2d patterns quickly as second step, and, in the end, use Maya to manually refine 2d patterns from ZBrush and use transfer attributes tool to get UV and replace the old meshes of original 3d costume models from Marvelous Designer 8.