School of Journalism, Fudan University  

2013 Graduation

Logo and Products Design


I had the honor to design the logo and graduation series products for the 2013-year graduates for the School of News. My design won high recognition and became the key vision in the visual packaging of the graduation ceremony.


This was challenging work. The logo should not be a simple image; rather, it should embody cultural implications and pass values and beliefs of the school.


I researched the school’s history and best design works I could access to; Moreover, I studied the school’s great achievements and profound cultural heritage. Then, I brought the concept of the cosmos to my design and put four spheres in the design to symbolize the four academic programs (communication, advertising, television, and news) and media’s huge influence on society. I also utilized the font of the oracle bone inscriptions for the Chinese character NEWS to imply the school’s rich cultural heritage.


How to visualize School of News’ uniqueness and use key visuals in series products to meet public aesthetic requirements?

Explore the characteristics of FDU School of Journalism:

I interviewed 5 people again, asking for their opinion about the second draft. They also thought the image was good, but few of them could tell the logo came from the concept of the cosmos and constellation.

Therefore, I revised the logo again, adding more visual elements to the constellation to introduce the idea of the logo.


After I finished the first draft of the logo, I consulted five peers about how they thought about it.

They replied, “It looks nice. I like it.” “It looks like a basketball.” 

From their comment, I found there were too many curved lines leading to too much dynamics and causing viewers to relate it to a basketball or a sports brand. Then, I changed the curved lines to straight lines which were more close to the shape of oracle-bone inscriptions.