Ink Fish

2018 Epic MegaJam

Duration:5 days

Platform: SteamVR, Oculus

Team Member:Zhiguo Lai, Erhan Qu, Chang Liu, Ava Tan

My Role: Solo 3D Artist, Solo Sound Designer, Game Designer



Ink fish is a VR game using SteamVR and one motion controller, with art direction inspired by traditional Chinese Water-Ink (水墨) style. The player is a fisherman who sits on his bamboo raft on a quiet lake. The player has a bamboo pole on his hand and is expected to use it to spear fish in the lake. Because of the refraction of water, the position of fish the player sees is inaccurate. Players need to overcome errors result from the refraction of water and spear fish to get scores in 1min. ​


















Notable Contributions:


As a solo artist and sound designer in my team, my work is designing all visual parts for our game including scenes, models, textures, UI and I also do all the sound in 5 days.


I use Maya, Substance Painter and Unreal to do the models, materials, and textures.

I use Maya to do all the models our game needed

I use Substance Painter to make materials and hand draw the texture to make water-ink effect for models

Do materials, texture, and models in Unreal 

Scene Design

Due to limited time, I design the scene in Unreal directly including the light, sky, visual effect of clouds, water, etc.

UI Design

The UI for our game only includes the countdown and score. How to design UI to make it functional and harmonious in VR world ? I want to put the UI elements in the environment to make it harmonious with the 3d VR world. Considering the player's position, I choose to put the UI on the nose. When players looking around or looking down, they can see the time and scores instantly. In addition, to make it more obvious to players, I put UI over a light fishing hat as the background. 

Sound Design

According to the traditional water-ink art style, I choose the Chinese ancient music style for music design. For background music, I choose Chinese Zither(Gu Zheng) Music which is quiet and remote. For ambient sound, except the ambient sound of outside and the sound of water flow, I also add the random sound of the fish hawk, wind to create the environment. For the UI sound effects which include sound effects of the countdown and getting scores, I choose instruments like wooden fish, Gu Zheng to compose.