Mar. 2019- Jan. 2020, Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

Download: https://teamexodus.itch.io/exodus

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My role:  Concept/3D artist on the pre-production team. I am responsible for environment design, illustration, and 3d assets creation. 


Game Overview
The Exodus is a resource-gathering survival game. The player will emerge as one of the remaining survivors of the crash. As the appointed leader, the priority is to sustain and accommodate to your crew members’ needs until you reach your final destination. Your final destination is where you will regroup with survivors and the remains of the exodus mothership. To travel across unknown terrains, the player will require a sturdy automotive mechanism and a beacon. You will explore and chart the unknown world, identify unknown resources, refine raw resources to consumable supplies, assign jobs to crew members, and much more.

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 Concept Story

In 2119, the earth became uninhabitable, due to a lack of resources to support human life forms. Inbound for extinction, the last human population escaped to a planet named Galilei-9e that may be terraformed to sustain the remaining colony. Once the exodus mothership descended through the atmosphere of Galilei-9e, the entire vehicle ignited, due to high energetic pressure in the atmosphere. The mothership tore apart piece by piece, landing distant from one another. You and your 3 crew members survived in one of the compartments that were linked to the exodus mothership

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The interior design includes six rooms: core pillar, workshop, warehouse, research lab, medical clinic, and finery. According to the background story, the design direction for those rooms mainly guided by a post-apocalyptic style which means you could see highly developed technology but they all timeworn. In addition, due to the camera angle in the game, each room needs to be easily recognizable. As a result, making the iconic objects stand out is also a point to consider. Lastly, as storytelling needs, gasoline is a crucial resource in this world. You could not only see a huge tank that goes through the whole core pillar but also can find that each room has its own pipe system.

Gameplay Vodeo

Interior Design

Prototype Models and Demo