The Monkey King Is Busy

Nov.- Dec.2015, Project for Mukzin Apparels Co., Fudan University

My contribution: Photographer, Visual Design, Postproduction

Brief: Commerical photography for the fashion brand, Mukzin, serving for digital print and publicity on-line.

Design Process

Competitive Analysis

By analyzing competitive brands, we made a radar diagram showing their strengths and weaknesses in four different aspects. We found that Mukzin had more fashionable elements in its design. So we thought combining traditional elements with fashion photography would be a space of opportunity to step into.

Target Customers

I like Chinese culture

I  want to be cool !

I look different from others!


Age: 18~30

Customers with non-mainstream dressing styles




How to integrate retro style with life elements to invite more customers and increase their interest in the retro fashion?


After brainstorming, we decided to adopt three concepts for our design, which made our goal clear.


Emotional appeal about traditional culture


Theme  of photographs relavents to modern people’s life



Fashionable elements



We thought about the character of the Monkey King in the novel of Journey to the West, a well-known figure in Chinese mythology. We believed this figure will remind people of traditional and retro culture they know and like.


The Monkey King is good at martial arts, has 72 metamorphoses and a lot of responsibilities, is analogous to modern humans who have to work, face life pressure, and shoulder many social roles.


Therefore, we decided to use the Monkey King as the prototype to present Mukzin‘s Chinese style apparel. We added pressure of work, the impact of technology and social network to modern life to strike for a chord among viewers.

Tell a Story

We decided to create three scenes— home,  office, social gathering to tell a story about modern people’s daily life. 


We created a mood board as the inspiration for the design language. Through the mood board, we saw a clean, curious and upbeat feeling. We found two color schemes for reference.

Lighting Plan